Shekinah Robberson

Donor Relations Coordinator

Shekinah Robberson is a Donor Relations Coordinator for United Way of Northwest Louisiana (UWNWLA). She assists the major Donor Relations team with multiple projects, campaigns, and fundraisers. Shekinah loves giving back and helping her community in any way that she can.

Shekinah is a Shreveport, LA native. She is currently enrolled at Louisiana State University Shreveport. She is working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication: Public Relations. Through high school and college courses, Shekinah discovered her love for public speaking and lending a hand to others. She is following both of her passions being a UWNWLA Intern.

When Shekinah is not working, she loves traveling to experience different cultures. Shekinah has a love for writing books, poems, etc. She loves being creative and planning fun events as well.