Meal Packing

There is no shortage of food in America. More than 250 million pounds of surplus, edible, nutritious food are thrown away every day. Fast food restaurants and mini-markets offer inexpensive meals, but the choices often lack the proper nutrition to ward off hunger. And so, more than 48 million Americans live in food insecure households.

The Opportunity

Hunger can cause health problems and impact an individual’s ability to learn and succeed, whether on the job or in the classroom. Food banks from coast to coast are seeing new faces of hunger – the newly unemployed and underemployed – and a greater number of children.

Feeling hungry is something everyone has experienced, so the reason to alleviate hunger, especially among the needy, is something everyone understands and could be inspired to support. United Way of NWLA rallies volunteers to help address hunger through meal packing events. The food is distributed by United Way to various agencies to feed hungry people in the area. Highlights and benefits include:

  1. A great family and group activity that leaves participants of all ages with a feeling of personal satisfaction
  2. Shifts are available in two hour increments
  3. Knowing you contributed something important to hundreds, if not thousands of people
  4. Increase your awareness and understanding about hunger and food insecurity in their communities.


Is your company interested in sponsoring the event? Please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator at 318-677-2504, Ext. 123 or email