Born Learning Trail

Born Learning is an innovative public engagement campaign that helps parents, caregivers and communities create quality early learning opportunities for young children. A born learning trail contains 10 interactive signs with activities for adults to engage in with young children to turn an outdoor trip into a fun learning experience.


The Opportunity

United Way is looking for community partners to help install new trails throughout the community.
Born Learning is a national public engagement campaign designed to build United Way impact strategies, public support and political will for early childhood education. The campaign educates parents, caregivers, and communities. Born Learning is a tool for long-lasting community change that supports young children.

  1. Awareness and Education: Born Learning makes it simple and easy for parents, grandparents, informal caregivers and professional child care providers to find understand and apply the latest research to help children come to school ready to succeed.
  2. Action: Born Learning puts research-driven products — along with tools and templates for education and outreach — into communities through a national grassroots network that’s creating innovative ideas to help local children.

Sponsorship Information

Is your company interested in sponsoring a trail? Sponsorship starts at $2,500.

This includes the key components for the Born Learning Trail kit: Ten (10) 12” x 24” signs (see sample signs on the next page). Each sign is printed with a unique, playful, engaging activity based on early learning outcomes. The kit also includes reusable stencils for shapes, letters, and a 12’ hopscotch court that all relate to the sign activities. Signs include the United Way logo and the logo of the sponsoring company or organization. Optional items could include: Portable trail and signs in Spanish.

Print the informational flyer.

Born Learning Trail Donations

Though sponsorship starts at $2,500, gifts of any and all sizes are appreciated! We need a variety of supplies (paint, brushes, rollers, brooms, gloves, etc.) for each installation and yearly maintenance of the trails. Thank you for considering a gift to this unique opportunity for children across Northwest Louisiana.

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Is your company interested in sponsoring a trail? Contact our Community Engagement Coordinator at 318-677-2504, Ext. 132 or email