United Way ALICE Report

Study of Financial Hardship

United Way ALICE® Report

ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The United Way term represents the growing number of hardworking individuals and families across Idaho, the Pacific Northwest and the nation who are working but unable to afford the basic household necessities, including housing, child care, health care, food and transportation.

Do You Know ALICE?

Of course you do. ALICE is everywhere and can be seen every day. From Plain Dealing to Winnfield, Arcadia to Mooringsport, Springhill to Many – ALICE lives in the wonderful mosaic of communities that make up Northwest Louisiana. ALICE represents community members working in jobs that are needed, but don’t always pay enough to afford the basics, such as cashiers, child care workers, food service personnel, home health aides, librarians, bank tellers, repair technicians, landscapers and more. ALICE makes up men and women of all ages and races. ALICE is customers, constituents, neighbors – even family members and friends. ALICE is sometimes even referred to as the “working poor”.

How many people are ALICE?

This United Way ALICE Report for Louisiana reveals that 29 percent, or nearly 500,000, of Louisiana households are ALICE and another 19 percent live in poverty. Together, 48 percent of all Louisiana households cannot afford basic expenses — housing, child care, food, transportation, health care, cell phone access, and taxes. In Northwest Louisiana, the trend is higher than the state average of 52 percent of households struggling. 

Northwest Louisiana At-A-Glance

Caddo  |  Bossier  |  Webster  |  Bienville  |  Claiborne  |  DeSoto  |  Red River Sabine  |  Natchitoches  |  Winn

Here is a summary of how ALICE looks in our ten parish service area:

  Households in Parish Households in Poverty ALICE Households Above ALICE Household % Above ALICE Threshold % of ALICE and in Poverty (HH)
Bienville Parish 5,738 1,513 1,282 2,943 51% 49%
Bossier Parish 47,458 8,411 13,077 25,970 55% 45%
Caddo Parish 96,532 23,550 27,633 45,349 47% 53%
Claiborne Parish 5,828 1,771 1,813 2,244 39% 61%
De Soto Parish 10,259 2,373 2,389 5,497 54% 46%
Natchitoches Parish 14,393 4,395 4,082 5,916 41% 59%
Red River Parish 3,491 844 860 1,787 51% 49%
Sabine Parish 8,984 1,817 2,684 4,483 50% 50%
Webster Parish 15,806 3,883 4,840 7,083 45% 55%
Winn Parish 5,440 1,444 1,606 2,390 44% 56%
Summary of NWLA 213,929 50,001 60,266 103,662 48% 52%

What is the United Way of Northwest Louisiana Doing to Help?

We fund 49 programs that help children, adults and families thrive.

Residents in Northwest Louisiana have saved more than $1.7 million on prescription medications through United Way’s partnership with FamilyWize. Over 4,000 individuals have achieved financial stability through our Bank On Initiative.

We collaborate with business, government and community groups to identify and find solutions to address underlying issues that negatively impact ALICE families.

We advocate for legislative issues that impact ALICE households: affordable, quality early care and education, access to free tax preparation and financial education programs, and access to affordable health care coverage.

We’ve put our stake in the ground. We want businesses and individuals to join us in developing strategies and partnerships to educate and empower people to help lift them out of poverty.

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