ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 15, 2018 – More than 3.5 million individuals and families are living healthier lives thanks to programs implemented around the world by United Way. These outcomes are highlighted in United Way’s Global Results Snapshot, and illustrate how United Way has helped people achieve healthier outcomes through a focus on healthier behaviors, health education and improved access to healthcare and health insurance.

“We believe that people in communities everywhere deserve access to the healthcare services they need,” said Mary Sellers, U.S. President and CEO of United Way Worldwide. “When it comes to accessing health services, a person’s zip code should never be a deterrent to success, nor should it be a barrier to improved health. Yet for many, that’s a daily reality. Together with our volunteers, corporate partners and community leaders, we want to help move the needle toward healthier communities.”

The Global Results Snapshot* reported the following outcomes from those who received support from the United Way network:

  • 3,536,458 individuals accessed health care services and support, while 171,027 individuals accessed health insurance
  • 88 percent of babies had healthy outcomes by reaching full term, their first birthdays and achieving a healthy weight
  • 65 percent of children and adults ate healthier, increased their physical activity and are taking steps to achieve and maintain healthy weights
  • 12,994 health sector staff were trained to provide quality service with the support of 6,314 United Way community partners

Additionally, United Way has set a 10-year goal for 90 percent of people in the U.S. to be healthier by 2028. Equipped with data and resources from corporate and foundation allies like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, United Way’s work is informed, sustainable and poised to achieve this goal and deliver community-based programs such as:

  • Healthy Beginnings: Ensuring people have the access and resources needed to raise a healthy family through United Way Born Learning and similar programs
  • Physical Health: Teaching children proper nutrition and exercise habits to help them succeed in school and life
  • Access to Health: Helping people enroll in health insurance, and remove barriers to accessing to public benefits and resources

United Way strives to ensure that people everywhere have access to healthcare and actively take steps to improve their health. To learn more about United Way’s work towards health, please visit:

[1] *The Global Results Snapshot represents data from 249 United Ways, reporting 2017 data in 2018 from their respective metropolitan areas.

About United Way’s Global Results Snapshot
The Global Results Snapshot is a common, limited set of indicators that United Ways report annually to demonstrate shared impact across their communities. The framework aggregates data based on indicators in key impact areas: childhood success, youth success, economic mobility, access to health, and community engagement.