The Louisiana Department of Education has released the performance scores for 2017, and overall most school districts in Northwest Louisiana have seen growth.

Below are 2017’s scores for the 10 Parishes that United Way of Northwest Louisiana serves:

  • Bienville Parish — 93.4 (B)
  • Bossier Parish — 101.1 (A)
  • Caddo Parish — 78 (C)
  • DeSoto Parish — 103.1 (A)
  • Natchitoches Parish — 88.8 (B)
  • Red River Parish — 62 (D)
  • Sabine Parish — 98.4 (B)
  • Webster Parish — 74.1 (C)
  • Winn Parish —  86.8 (B)

Both Caddo Parish and Bossier Parish Schools saw growth over last year’s scores. Bossier Schools saw the largest growth out of the two growing nearly ten points from 2016’s 91.7 scores, moving from a B to an A letter grade.

Caddo Schools grew, but little. The school system increased four points from a 74.4 percent to a 78, remaining at a C letter grade.

Sabine Parish Schools though saw the largest growth out of all of Northwest Louisiana schools with a nearly 16 point gain. The school has a 98.4 performance score, a huge gain from 2016’s 82.7 percent.

Claiborne Parish Schools moved up a letter grade to a C (78.1) from a D (67.1).

Red River Parish and Webster Parish’s percentages were the only school districts to see decreases. Red River Parish Schools decreased 16.3 points, dropping from last year’s letter grade of a C to a low D at 62 points. Webster Parish School’s loss wasn’t as extreme, dropping only 5.3 points from 2016’s performance score of 79.9 to 74.1.  Click here to see grades for each school in the state.