Q: How did you come to be involved with the United Way?


I first worked with United Way as a volunteer in the Legal Division of the annual fund drive more than 40 years. I enjoyed that experience and realized how important United Way is to the wellbeing of northwest Louisiana. The next year I chaired the Legal Division, which exceeded its goal. The following year I was the chairman of the United Way fund drive for all of the parishes served, and we exceeded our goal that year as well. Now I am happy to serve on the Board of United Way of Northwest Louisiana and continue to see the good works it does for the citizens of northwest Louisiana.


Q: If you could tell someone who doesn’t know about the United Way one thing about our organization, what would it be?


I believe one of the most important things we provide to those in our area of interest is the support we give those of lesser means, ability and opportunity through the various non profit entities with which we work.


Q: If you could change one thing in this community, what would it be?


If I could change one thing in our community,  it would be to lessen the need for our many services provided to the community by uplifting our many clients out of their personal situations which require our services.