Part of a true United Way Campaign goes beyond the pledge form. It’s about creating a culture of philanthropy and helping the community. This is done in many ways at each workplace – Hosting Muffin Mondays, Have a Jeans Day, Cookout for the employees, Participating in Volunteerism, Costume Contests, and so much more.

OIB has the Life of the Party spirit, and encourages their employees to give by hosting exciting events that support their workplace campaign.

They recruited some of the management team to dress up as football players and cheerleaders in order to get their colleagues excited and motivated to participate in the United Way campaign. By doing this, they experienced a 12 percent increase in their overall campaign, but they didn’t stop there.

Each location was set up with a United Way tailgate that included nachos, pigs in a blanket, and cupcakes. Employees also had the privilege of witnessing their leadership chant their very own cheer…”RAH-RAH-EE. O-I-B. Help us feed the HUNG-AR-EE (hungry).”