The United Way of Northwest Louisiana (UWNWLA) has NEVER provided funding to Planned Parenthood, and we do not now.

UWNWLA funds programs that focus on community health maintenance (e.g. medical care service; health education; public awareness services; and family preservation) and strengthening services like counseling and family life education.

Each of the roughly 1,200 local United Ways in the United States is an independent entity.  Each determines its own funding needs, and the funding remains local within their respective communities.  Local United Ways do not take directions on funding from United Way Worldwide, which is essentially a trade association that, in return for dues of only 1% of the funds we raise, supports local United Ways with marketing, training, and other resources typically provided by trade associations.

United Way Worldwide does not fund organizations of any kind.  They do not take funds from one United Way community and distribute them to another.  Their sole purpose is to support local United Ways.

UWNWLA is proud of the work that we do together with our partners in Northwest Louisiana to help people succeed and build a stronger community.  Our mission is to engage more of our neighbors to LIVE UNITED, and there is plenty of work to be done for which we can all agree, like helping the homeless, helping more youth graduate high school, and many other things.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Bruce Willson, President and CEO of United Way of Northwest Louisiana, at (318) 677-2504 extension 122, or email at


Visit for a complete listing of UWNWLA funded programs.