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The Power of One is the heart touching story of how one little girl, with one action, on one day, changed one man’s life forever. One day while riding to school with her mother, young Sammi noticed a homeless man, named Danny, shivering in the cold.  Every day following she looked for the young man, and every day she found him in the same dire situation. Alone, cold, hungry and without the most basic thing we all need to survive, a home.

Sammi’s gift sets Danny on a journey to put his life back together. Danny makes use of the opportunities he is given to improve his education, live a healthy lifestyle, and rejoin the workforce. Years later a simple twist of fate brings these people back together when it is revealed that Danny is now successful and works to help others gain their independence. This shows that one person, with one action, can change one person’s life for the better. This is the Power of One.